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Doten-Dunton Walnut (?) Desk Chair

This auction was for a beautiful old chair (circa 1910 to 1920).  The seller purchased it from an elderly neighbor who it to be about one hundred years old. It is marked on the bottom, "Doten-Dunton Desk Co. 210 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass." and has a number that appears to be "B N 75." It measures approximately 35" high by 23" wide by 19" deep.

We were actually able to buy this chair on eBay in May of 2006 from a seller in Michigan.  It will be a cherish family heirloom and used as a fixture in our family history archive.  It is truly a well designed, comfortable chair.

Doten-Dunton Victorian Mahogany Desk Chair

Doten-Dunton ChairThis beautiful signed arm chair is of the Victorian period and (according to the person offering for sale on ebaY) probably from the Civil War to Centennial eras. Except for the seat, which is laminated, the chair is made of solid mahogany which appears to be rosewood at times for its grain. The fitted leather seat could stand some repairs but is original with button upholstered leather and horsehair stuffing. The backrest is leather with brass tacks as well as the back and sides having brass tack and leather upholstery. The woodwork and joinery is in great condition in need of only polish. It has a curved back and scroll carved arms. It has a serpentine seat and front rail with square tapered columnar front legs connected with a stretcher to chamfered and splayed back legs.Doten-Dunton Chair Logo

Under the chair on the bottom of the seat is a paper label which is illegible, however, the chair is clearly signed in two places where the wood is impressed with a stylized trade mark that reads "Doten- Dunton Desk Co., Commercial Furniture, Trade Mark, Reg. U.S. Patent Office". Within the logo there is a picture of the chair itself and of another chair with a swivel base. The chair measures approx. 34" h x 22" w x 24" deep and weights approx. 40 lbs.

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