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1913 Advertisement
"Chippendale Desk Pattern"

Scans courtesy of Jack PendergastClick his name to visit his current ebay offerings.

Dunton Furniture Ad 1914Here is an example of a 1914 magazine advertisement for the Doten-Dunton Desk Company, 25-J Arch Street, Boston, Mass.  The title of the advertisement is, "Doten-Dunton: Artistic Furniture for Banks & Offices".

The copy for the ad reads, "Furniture that gives prestige. Corporations and Banking offices, fitted with substantial, artistic furniture impress the visitor as having financial solidity and capable business management.

We have, for many years, made a specialty of designing and making fine office furniture that combines beauty with dignity and enduring qualities, aiming in character and effect to harmonize with ant requirements and give distinction and prestige. We also make COMPLETE STANDARDIZED OUTFITS in various styles for large or small offices."

Dunton FurnitureAd Table 1914
Offered on ebaY in October of 2000

Another 1914 advertisement shows a conference table that will seat at least twelve people . The company address was listed here as 25-M Arch Street in Boston. The advertisement measures approximately 5-1/2 inches by 8 inches.


Salesman Leather Sample Book

This old book is all leather.  The front is leather and stamped, "Doten-Dunton Desk Co.". The Pages are made up of sixteen individual pieces of leather, each stamped with a number, and country of origin. The leather pages are approximately 8-1/4 inches by 5-1/2 inches.

Leather Sample Book - Cover
Sample Book Cover

Leather Sample Book - Inside
Sample Book - Inside

Offered on ebaY

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