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Secretary Desk

This Desk was owned by Hughes Tool Company, Houston Texas Executive Offices and was removed from active service many years ago, during the company's first of many remodeling projects.


They were carefully wrapped and stored in an airport storage hanger in a suburb of Houston, Texas. A brass plate located on the left inside panel on the desk authenticates the desk as "Property of Hughes Tool Company 1939." No such identifying plate is present on the chair.


The desk and its accompanying chair were later rediscovered in storage and needed only very minor touch up work.


The chair has a leather upper, front and back, with brass rivet and a woven stain and dirt free cloth seat. The chair fits neatly into the twenty inch wide by twenty-six inch high desk opening.


The desk itself is thirty inches in height, thirty-four inches in width and sixty inches in length. It is constructed of solid walnut with a laminate on top. The desk has a center drawer with a fitted wooden pen/pencil holder. On the left side, there is an outward opening heavy door which reveals a pull out heavy duty credenza built to hold and easily conceal a wide heavy typewriter.


The three drawers on the right side are of equal four and one-half inch depth size, and all come with various wood separators for filing and organizational purposes. There is also a pull out board just above the top drawer on the right side to provide extra space for stacking files or writing.


The pull out credenza and all drawers are in like new operational condition.

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